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CopywriterA copywriter is able to write, edit and proof promotional or publicity copy for print or electronic publications. At higher levels, copywriters are often responsible for strategic and conceptual development of messages and stories. Print production managerThe print production manager is responsible for managing the process bids, scheduling, production and delivery of producing publications, from concept through production, including photography, separations, 4 color press work and digital production. Print production managers are strong project managers, managing multiple jobs simultaneously. In some cases, proficiency in InDesign, QuarkXPress, Illustrator and Photoshop is desirable in this role. Marketing manager, new business manager, directorA marketing or new business professional is responsible for seeking business opportunities, developing proposals and marketing the firm’s practices. Web developer front end/interface systemsA front end developer uses HTML/JavaScript/ASP/ColdFusion and other tools to develop static and dynamic web pages. Web programmer/developer back end systemsA back end programmer works with web server systems and web databases, develops web queries to databases and programs web applications. Web producer, senior producer, executive producerA web producer organizes web development teams and ensures adherence to budget, schedule and design of website development. Content developerA content developer is also known as a web writer or editor. He or she is responsible for the production and repurposing of text/graphic/audio content on sites.

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Small businesses often make the mistake of not choosing the right media tool for the job. Instead, they choose the latest ‘trendy’ tool. For example, with the explosion of social media, small businesses rushed to pump out Facebook newsfeed and Twitter updates. But in a sea of Twitter updates, your product becomes one more tweet lost in the noise — akin to another email dumped directly into the spam bin. Amid the hype about building buzz over social networks comes a sobering reality for many small businesses. Generating and updating content for networks such as Facebook and Twitter can be both a mental energy and time drain that gets your company nowhere. Investing hours each day in updating a Twitter feed is simply not worth the loss in productivity. Social media campaigns rely on carefully segmenting and identifying a select target audience. But with all this segmentation, small businesses often miss their core audience and fail to translate online buzz into real world profit. Don’t get me wrong: social media can — and often should — play a role in your marketing strategy. But falling too hard for the latest marketing trend can leave your company without a well rounded strategy and the right media tools to compete.

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During her career as a fashion designer, Chanel to some extent succeeded in packaging and marketing her own personal attitudes and styles, that made her an arbiter of women's tastes during the 20th century. By using her slim boyish figure accentuated by her short cropped hair, and sporting the simple dresses designed by her she projected herself as a role model of the modern working woman, pursuing an active lifestyle and financial independence, worthy of emulation by other women. She designed simple and comfortable clothing and introduced relaxed fashions such as short skirts, pants for women, collarless jackets and the famous "little black dresses" that was compared to the versatile Model T Ford motor cars, by the American Vogue Magazine in 1926. The legendary Chanel suit an elegant creation composed of a well fitted knee length skirt and trim, box like collarless jacket, with bias edging and brass buttons was introduced in 1925, and was worn with large costume pearl necklaces. Unlike other houses of haute couture Chanel's designs were noted for their staying power and hardly changed from year to year or even from one generation to the next. Chanel's most revolutionary creation was undoubtedly the LBD Little Black Dress, the "Ford" of dresses, similar to the "Model T" Ford car, built on a production line for the masses, and was designed to be worn by any woman, any time of the day, morning, evening or even as cocktail wear. The black dress was previously associated only with mourning, until Chanel showed women that black was not only chic but elegant, and could be worn at any time of the day. The original design of the LBD showed a long sleeved, slim hipped dress, gathered low at the waist and reaching just below the knee. The concept of the LBD and its underlying structure remained the same for the rest of her life, and she only altered the fabric, or added sequins or chiffon trains. In the year 1921, Chanel launched her first signature perfume, known worldwide as Chanel No. 5.

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This is the main aspect of the set as it creates a whole new being to the stage where the actors perform and it helps to bring out the best in them by giving out a specialness in the whole frame and that to it can be done only when the set is put with the likeness of how it should look or the way it has been imagined for the right kind of story and how do we get the best of it and to make sure it has been put up well and to be in frame in the right kind and not to be undefined as a not good. This is all into the art of a set how it is imagined and put up for the right kind of shoot and important it suits all aspects from dressing to the smallest detail as without a set there is no background and this takes us to the very beginning to show a set is important than all. When we go to see a film to the theater, are we aware of the fact and truth that every single aspect of the set has been carefully designed by an art director and his conceptions. They are the ones that develop concepts and review the entire material that appears in films and theaters, and they are the ones who ultimately decide how to present the performance, so it is awe/eye catching, gracefully appealing and captivating to all the audiences present. The art directors happen to organize and direct the most technical and artistic part of aspects of motion pictures, live stage productions and day to day television shows by designing proper sets, matching costumes, correct furnishings and props to create an accurate portrayals and resemblance of various time periods and decade settings. These art directors are the ones responsible for the overall look and proper presentation of films, live television shows and live stage productions. They do have a very strong sense of vision and enduring style. However as to them their jobs can vary much greatly depending on the type of medium they work with. An art director's first and foremost job is to read the script or screenplay and to know on what period it is. Once they get to know the proper material, then they begin to do extended research about the time period in which a live stage play or film is set. If the set time period is of the present day, then their work is not too difficult and they can improvise on it.

graphic design is my passion tumblr

graphic design is my passion tumblr

Keeping in mind that basic good photography skills are always used. 1. Soft diffuse light. Today it’s very overcast outside, and if there were any flowers in bloom today would be the perfect day for capturing some great images. Soft diffuse light enhances color saturation, so if you wondered how or why pro photographers flower images seem so deep in color this is one of the reasons why. There are exceptions to this rule. I do some flower photography is bright or dappled sunlight but I’m usually trying to get an effect of light passing through the petals. 2. Slow film speed – 200 speed or less. The slower speed films have greater detail and for flowers you’re going to need to get close anyway and you want the nice sharp detail of a slower speed of film. I use 100 speed for my flower photography.

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How many times have you been caught off guard by a potential customer who walked away and you forgot to tell them about some important product or service?Mental paralysis happens to the best of us, but if your products and services are listed on your wrap then that will prompt both you and your potential customer to talk more. A client engagement with greater depth and breadth will lead to a better understanding of your brand and ultimately to sales. For fleet vehicles that do a lot of night time driving, think about adding reflective vinyl so that other drivers can see your fleet vehicles better. That may help defray insurance costs and reduce the number of times your vehicles go to the body shop. Also, reflective vinyl can be used strategically in your brand imagery so that your brand identity pops out in the dark. If you have a fleet of vehicles, then line them up in front of your building or drive them single file as a caravan down the road. There is nothing more eye catching than seeing a row of vehicles with the same brand imagery going down the road. That gives your market the perception that you are big and it is a powerful psychological tool!Interactive media is the fastest growing type of design out there today. From app building, to websites, to online/video gaming, design has been taken to a whole new level. For some, the idea of having to figure out how to use CSS and HTML coding on top of your design process, may seem ambiguous and even intimidating. However, because web presence is such a rapidly growing market, it seems to be standard to at least know the basics before getting into the design part.